Who We are

Established in 2014, the KAIZEN Institute of Zambia Limited (KiZ) is a public institution registered under Cap 388 of the Laws of Zambia as a company limited by guarantee. The mandate of the institute is to promote quality and productivity improvements in both private and public organisations using KAIZEN Philosophy and methodology for business excellence.

Services we offer at KiZ

KAIZEN Awareness

Kaizen awareness is about sensitizing organisations and the general public about the Kaizen philosophy and methodology, and its benefits. This is done to help people recognize the importance of continuously seeking ways to improve and contribute to the success of their organizations and the nation at large.

KAIZEN Training and Certification

The training is designed to equip individuals and organisations with the methodology and principles of Kaizen and how these can effectively be implemented in their workplace and personal lives.

KAIZEN Consultancy

The consultancy service is dedicated to helping organisations achieve excellence through the implementation of continuous improvement practices. With our expertise and proven methodology, we empower business to optimize their operations, enhance productivity, and drive sustainable growth. Our customized Kaizen solutions can transform organisations, simplify process and nurture a culture of continuous improvement.


Kaizen is a Japanese word which means “Change for Better” or “Continuous Improvement.” It is a philosophy and methodology that focuses on making small, incremental changes in processes, systems and behaviors to drive significant improvements over time.